Monday, February 22, 2010

"Two New Endorsements from The Liberty Committee"

The Liberty Committee is pleased to endorse two candidates for U.S. Congress who truly want to restore limited, Constitutional government that is accountable to the people.

In the battleground state of Pennsylvania, it is time for Pat Toomey to replace Arlen Specter. Arlen should have gone home a long, long time ago. Pat is pro-life and for responsible government spending. He understands the threats to our national security, and he is serious about protecting our liberties from government take-overs. For more information about Pat, visit his website at

The U.S. House can stand some housecleaning as well. In Ohio's 17th District (Youngstown/Mahoning Valley/Portage County) Tim Ryan needs to be replaced by someone who realizes that America cannot continue to expand government and run up trillion dollar deficits year after year. Ryan voted for the TARP bailout, the "stimulus" bill, Cap & Trade, and the Health Care Bill. Fortunately, Ryan is going to have some competition in the Democrat primary this year. Mr. Dan Moadus is running to unseat Tim Ryan in the May 4th primary.

Given the high registration of Democrats in the 17th District it only makes sense to endorse someone in the Democrat primary who stands a good chance in defeating Tim Ryan. Dan Moadus is a Vietnam vet, has experience in local government, runs a paint and body shop (he knows about taxes on small businesses and making payroll), and he is committed to the founding principles of life, liberty, and private property rights that are in our Constitution. Dan stands for some "dusty" pieces of our Constitution that have been ignored or are currently being threatened--like the 1st, 2nd, and 10th Amendments. Dan promises to vote pro-life on every piece of legislation that comes his way.

The Liberty Committee is happy to endorse Dan Moadus as the Democrat candidate for the U.S. House (17th District--Ohio) in the Democrat primary on May 4. You can find out more about Dan at

More endorsements coming next month!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"The Proof Keeps Rolling In"

Yet more evidence that the entire "Global Warming" theory is a hoax:

I wonder how much longer before all the "Stop Global Warming" clubs in America's public schools will face up to the empirical evidence and admit that they've been lied to.

Nahhh. I shouldn't hold my breath. The indoctrination was never based on empirical evidence from the beginning. Why should they stop believing their fairy tales now?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Way to Go Israel!"

Check out this link. The Israelis take the threat of the Islamic-nazis seriously. Of course they get shelled or hit with missile attacks constantly. So they actually build and deploy a missile defense shield. And they don't care what ANYBODY thinks! Here's the site:

The only comment in the interviews with some of the Israelis that I would disagree with is the gentleman who said, "The only solution is a political solution." We tried a political solution with Adolf Hitler (anybody remember Neville Chamberlain and his "peace for our time?" worthless agreement with Hitler?). It didn't work because the naive Chamberlain and the do-gooders in western Europe were dealing with psycopathic murderers. So, we had to wipe them out--and we did it. Problem solved. No more Nazis in Europe.

What do you call the so-called "peace process" that has been going on for the past 18 years? How much peace has it accomplished? Hezbollah and Hamas have safe havens in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria--and are merely re-arming during this time of tentative "peace."

Oh yeah. By the way, elements of Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, and numerous other Islamic-nazi terror cells are already here in America. They are training. They are here. The Israelis take the threat seriously. We "mirandize" terrorists, give them Constitutional rights and lawyers for free! Sleep well America. . . .

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"A Pro-Choice Columnist for the Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad"

Sometimes I am just plain stunned by pleasant surprises. Here is one for the week. Please read and enjoy the good humor and great logic of this pro-choice columnist with the Washington Post. You may never see anything like this again. But here is someone with whom I would profoundly disagree on the life issue (I am definitely pro-life), but this lady's assessment of the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commericial is just wonderful reading.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Confused About Reality"

My family and I just recently had a confrontation with "political correctness." It would be funny if it were not so ridiculous. All we wanted to do was get my son's senior portrait made. We liked the studio. They had done some work for us in the past. My wife made the appointment. Then, last week she and my son made the trip about 30 minutes up the road to get the photos made.

Like most teenagers, he is proud of his accomplishments. He is a black belt, a weight lifter, and he has won some awards in speech and debate tournaments. So he wants to take those mementoes of his life and arrange them in the picture. Sounds great. But my son is also a bow-hunter, and he likes to play "air-soft" with a lot of his teenage pals. Bowhunting with his compound bow is an honored past-time and a useful occupation. But, just to be on the safe side, I told him to leave his razor sharp arrows at home. "Air-soft" is a new thing--kids have these toy guns with orange tips, and they shoot very soft pellets (you still need to wear eye protection). None of us thought there would be a problem with bringing an obvious toy gun to a photo shoot.

There was. My wife called me and told me that they refused to take the pictures because of his bow (no arrows there!) and his air soft gun. My wife spoke politely but firmly with the management, but they were firm: no "weapons" in the pictures. It might frighten the children in the waiting room. This is a "family friendly" studio, after all.

I got the direct phone to the owner of this chain of portrait studios. I told him I fail to understand how a TOY with an ORANGE TIP on it is a problem. "It might frighten the small children who would not understand the difference between that and the real thing." I responded, "Kinda like the management and owner? Isn't that the responsibility of the parents to explain to their children the difference between reality and a TOY? How is the parents' failure to teach their own children MY responsibility? Why and am I--and MY family--being punished for the failure of other people to distinguish between a TOY that cannot hurt anyone, and reality?"

He didn't get it. The bow could also hurt someone, the owner said. How? Without arrows? My clenched fist could also hurt someone, so I can't have a clenched fist in a photo? Baseball bats can certainly hurt someone, but that doesn't stop kids from being photographed with their baseball bats. . . I ended the conversation with the owner, explaining to him that I do not deal with people who cannot distinguish between reality and a toy. He's free to set up his own rules for his business. . . and I am free (still) to take my money elsewhere.

However, it really left me sad. How is it that a bow, and an imitatiton gun, are not considered "family friendly?" Why do people continue to promote the "sissification" of America--classifying these items as evil and unwelcome? It was only a few years ago that young boys were expected to be familiar with bows and guns in order to hunt and protect their families. What are we teaching our sons?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"The Arrogant Left"

The fact that Scott Brown was elected U.S. Senator from Massachussetts to replace Ted Kennedy wasn't supposed to happen. It was a complete surprise. It caught everyone off guard. So says all the leftists and "progressives." They say this because they did not know their own constituents--the people of Massachussetts. The people had hit their saturation point with high taxes, overspending, over regulation, and a government that does not respond to the will of the people.

The leftist elitists STILL refer to the senate seat as "Ted Kennedy's seat." Why? Was he just supposed to bequeath it to a descendant as though he had some kind of royal dynasty? Why even bother to have an election. Just pick a successor like they do in North Korea or some banana republic and hand it over. The left actually tried with Martha Coakley. But. . . .the people were not going to buy this kind of treatment.

Where was George Soros and Where was ACORN? Where were all the dead people registered to vote? Where were the smear tactics against Scott Brown? The left tried their dirty tricks too little too late. They were too late, because all along they thought that the people of Massachussetts had stopped thinking. Had just given up. The left thought that the people were just lemmings.

But disgusted, frightened voters, who are in fear of losing their liberty showed up in a January election in droves. Some Democrats, some Republicans, but mostly Independents.
By the way, the left will be back. They are planning their counter-attack. It ain't over. Not by a long shot.

Monday, January 18, 2010

"They Are Getting Nervous"

I just received a considerably lengthy letter from my U.S. Congressman, John Boccieri. In this tome he tries to explain why he supports the American Clean Energy and Security Act (also known as the "Cap and Trade" bill). I just have a few questions.

This is the second time he has written this letter to his constituents. Why does he bother with the paperwork? I didn't realize we were that important to him. Why didn't he bother to meet with his constituents even one time in a face to face meeting in a town hall this past August? He had the time. He could have explained all of this to thousands. But he chose not to come out of hiding and meet in such a gathering.

He is constantly talking about how this bill will create "green jobs." Name them. Congress is real good at dreaming up solutions to problems that they created (like dependence on foreign oil), but the letter never lays out any specifics on what those "green jobs" would be.

Mr. Boccieri--when was the last time the U.S. Congress actually created an industry? Actually created jobs--other than government jobs in which paper is shuffled around? Did Congress create the auto industry? The banking industry? The housing industry? The oil/natural gas/coal industry? Or any other industry? Did Congress EVER create a useful product?

No. A free people unshackled by burdensome government created all those things in a free market. But Congress sure can regulate all of the above, tax it, confiscate it, or drive it right out of business. They're good at that--their track record proves it. Mr. Boccieri--save your breath and your paperwork. The best thing you can do is urge your pals in Congress to get out of the way of a free people. And get out of Congress while you're at it.

The fact that you're sending me this letter for the second time in six months tells me that maybe your constituents are not convinced. Maybe you're getting nervous about your job security. Maybe you should be. . . .