Monday, February 22, 2010

"Two New Endorsements from The Liberty Committee"

The Liberty Committee is pleased to endorse two candidates for U.S. Congress who truly want to restore limited, Constitutional government that is accountable to the people.

In the battleground state of Pennsylvania, it is time for Pat Toomey to replace Arlen Specter. Arlen should have gone home a long, long time ago. Pat is pro-life and for responsible government spending. He understands the threats to our national security, and he is serious about protecting our liberties from government take-overs. For more information about Pat, visit his website at

The U.S. House can stand some housecleaning as well. In Ohio's 17th District (Youngstown/Mahoning Valley/Portage County) Tim Ryan needs to be replaced by someone who realizes that America cannot continue to expand government and run up trillion dollar deficits year after year. Ryan voted for the TARP bailout, the "stimulus" bill, Cap & Trade, and the Health Care Bill. Fortunately, Ryan is going to have some competition in the Democrat primary this year. Mr. Dan Moadus is running to unseat Tim Ryan in the May 4th primary.

Given the high registration of Democrats in the 17th District it only makes sense to endorse someone in the Democrat primary who stands a good chance in defeating Tim Ryan. Dan Moadus is a Vietnam vet, has experience in local government, runs a paint and body shop (he knows about taxes on small businesses and making payroll), and he is committed to the founding principles of life, liberty, and private property rights that are in our Constitution. Dan stands for some "dusty" pieces of our Constitution that have been ignored or are currently being threatened--like the 1st, 2nd, and 10th Amendments. Dan promises to vote pro-life on every piece of legislation that comes his way.

The Liberty Committee is happy to endorse Dan Moadus as the Democrat candidate for the U.S. House (17th District--Ohio) in the Democrat primary on May 4. You can find out more about Dan at

More endorsements coming next month!

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